• Developing IT: The Benefits Of .Net!

    Developing IT: The Benefits Of .Net!

    The internet contains vast information that can either excite or overwhelm the human mind. Even so, what make a website unique? Who on this green earth understands the difference between .com and .net, aside from three letters? Today we are going to dive into the technical side of the world wide web and find out why .net is the most favorable in the IT realm.


     To start let's talk about what is .net. .Net is used, primarily by developers, to create a secure framework to communicate code without manually writing it. Okay, that sounds simple.


     During the late 90's when parachute pants grew out of style, but dial-up was still the thing of the century, Microsoft developed an idea for using .net to focus on improving experience and reduce stress amongst the IT engineers from dealing with specific coding, security operation, and various low-level C/C++.


     Compared to Java Servlet and Node.js, .net was tested to have the fastest response time recorded through Microsoft and Techempower Benchmark. In addition, it also requires little computing power to perform commands and enhance higher quality apps. The Java Servlet, mentioned prior, has a specific software that is used in programming language classes that's focused on request-response commands. The Node.js is compressed into a non-blocking event-driven server.


     In summary, .net may seem like an outdated term, or rarely used in the technological dictionary, however plenty developers, like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more, uses .net with their programming. The only few cons that .net contains is the average licensing cost (roughly around $2,500 or more in the base version of Visual Studio and additional quality assurance services) and possible memory leaks. You may check Custom ASP.NET Development Services for more.

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